Engineering Services

As an engineering-oriented company, technical activities are fully integrated within the operations of Allen Aircraft. On staff, we maintain experienced engineers and technicians for the design, development and production maintenance of our products.  We are constantly striving to improve products and develop new items that meet our goals of adding more customer value at less cost. Our engineers work closely and on a direct basis, with customers, suppliers and production functions from within the company.

Machining Services

Allen maintains modern facilities that expand across 31,000 square feet to machine components to exacting requirements of the aerospace industry.  In-house, we specialize in milling and turning operations. We employ a wide range of CNC lathes with capabilities that range from two-axis to five-axis, many equipped with automatic bar stock feeders. A number of these machines also incorporate a live milling feature which allows for multiple operations to be performed within a single set-up. In addition, we maintain four-axis CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers which are used to perform the bulk of our milling needs. These machines incorporate high-pressure coolant and pallet loading features to enhance productivity.

Rounding out our line of equipment, we maintain a full complement of manual lathes, mills, drill presses, horizontal spindle hone capabilities, and a CNC horizontal band saw.