Allen produces a wide range of valves for use in fuel, hydraulic, lube, air, and water systems. Thanks to the minds of our engineers, product customization is in the hands of our customers. Our valves undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of quality. Design features and specifications, metal finishing, and testing services are what sets Allen Aircraft’s products apart from the rest.

Check Valves

Check Valves are spring and/or gravity loaded to the closed position to control backflow through the system. Housed check valves tuned to a wide range of cracking pressure/pressure drop requirements are available along with independent check elements for incorporation in customer equipment.

Shut-off & Selector Ball Valves

Shut-off and Selector Ball Valves are designed to virtually eliminate pressure drop in the open position. Valves are available in multi-port configurations and can be controlled manually or remotely.

Drain Valves

Drain Valves can be adapted to a variety of services and are poppet or ball-type. Some valves incorporate positive locking features and/or secondary seals to allow service without draining the system.

Float Valves

Float Valves come in either flapper-type or ball-type for tank level control and venting applications.

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves are designed with poppet or flapper elements to control system pressure parameters from low pressure to high-pressure relief applications.

Solenoid Operated Valves

Solenoid Operated Valves provide remote shut-off and draining functions in aircraft fuel, hydraulic and water systems. Valves can be normally open or normally closed in the de-energized mode.

Jet Pumps

Allen’s jet pumps are designed for fuel transfer, scavenge, engine feed and mixing.  They are simple in design, lightweight, and self-throttling. With no moving parts, they provide ultimate reliability and maintainability. Jet pump configurations include pumps containing check valves, induced port screens, and easily removable nozzles for cleaning without tank drainage.

Swing Check Valves

Allen swing “flapper” check valves are used in the wall surrounding the boost pump, in cell walls within the tank, or in specifically designed fittings and housings. Although these units are primarily intended for aviation fuels, a change in material makes them suitable for other fluids. Typical sizes range from ¾” to 4” line diameters. Allen offers a range of valves qualified to MIL-V-7899 and are listed on the government QPL for MS29521, MS28882, and MS28884.

Vent Valves

Vent valves control the flow of air in or out of the system. Common uses include purging of air in fuel tanks or other reservoirs or to allow air to enter systems to facilitate draining. Allen offers vent valves for use in water, fuel, oil, and hydraulic systems.