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Assembly/Testing: Working for you
Allen production specialists and technicians are highly trained in the art
of assembling and testing complex assemblies for aircraft applications.
Procedures are well documented and reviewed for improvement on a regular basis. Our personnel work closely with engineering and quality functions to assure the highest standards are met.

Work flow is coordinated in teams with lean manufacturing principles in
place so that we can maintain the highest level of efficiency to deliver our products on time.

In the assembly process we utilize a wide array of facilities to accommodate assembly methods to meet design/performance parameters of the products we supply. In addition to traditional mechanical assembly methods, we perform soldering and epoxy potting of electronic components and magnetization of magnetic devices.

Actuators and hydraulic valves are built and tested in a controlled
facility. This non-laminar cleanroom is under positive air pressure and
accurate humidity and temperature control. The atmosphere in this area
utilizes an independent filtration system to maintain cleanroom standards.

Allen maintains a wide range of test facilities to verify performance of our products. Fluid power characteristics are verified for both flow and static conditions in fuel, air, water, hydraulic oil and engine oil within a wide range of flow and pressure, under a variety of environmental and operating conditions. To support our Chip Detector and Oil Level Indicator product lines, we also maintain the ability to test magnetic strength, electrical properties and sealing characteristics of those products.

Special qualification equipment includes an altitude chamber that
simulates altitude to 50,000 feet, an environmental chamber for high- and temperature testing, a self-contained stand for verifying capture efficiency of magnetic chip detectors and rigs to simulate continuous-cycle testing.










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