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Machining: Milling, drilling, and more
Allen maintains recently updated facilities, expanded to 31,000 sq. ft.,
to machine components to the exacting requirements of the aircraft industry.  In-house, we specialize in milling and turning operations. We employ a wide range of CNC lathes with capabilities that range from  two-axis to five-axis, many with automatic bar stock feeders. A number of these machines also incorporate a live milling feature which allows for multiple operations to be performed with a single set-up. In addition, we maintain four-axis CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers which are used to perform the bulk of our milling needs. These machines incorporate high-pressure coolant and pallet loading features to enhance productivity.

Rounding out our equipment, we maintain a full complement of manual lathes, mills, drill presses, horizontal spindle hone capabilities and a CNC horizontal band saw.


















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