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Allen produces a wide range of valves for use in aircraft fuel, hydraulic, air and water systems. Shutoff and Selector Ball Valves are designed to virtually eliminate pressure drop in the open position. Valves are available in multi-port configurations and can be controlled manually or via cable. Drain Valves can be adapted to a variety of services and are poppet or ball-type. Some valves incorporate positive locking features and/or secondary seats to allow service without draining the system. Float Valves come in either flapper-type or ball-type for tank level control and venting applications. Pressure Relief Valves are designed with poppet or flapper elements to control system pressure parameters from low pressure to high pressure relief applications. Solenoid Operated Valves provide remote shutoff and draining functions in aircraft fuel, hydraulic and water systems. Valves can be normally open or normally closed in the de-energized mode. 
Chip Detectors  
Metal particles in the lubrication system of an aircraft engine or hydraulic system may be an indication of wear. Chip detectors are used to monitor these systems to provide early warning of impending failure so that maintenance can be performed on a timely basis.
Oil Level Indicators  
Allen produces a full line of oil level indicators for monitoring fluid levels in aircraft engine and power system applications. Models are available which provide both a visual as well as remote indication via electronic signal.
Allen specializes in linear actuators to 3" bore and 15" stroke, usually
made to the individual specification of the airframe manufacturer. Allen
features two-way, one-way, and one-way spring-loaded actuators with
operating pressure to 3000 PSI. Types of designs available include, but are
not limited to, main gear uplock, main gear actuation, main gear door, main
gear down lock, nose gear uplock, nose gear actuation, nose gear door, flap
control, escape slide, speed brake actuation and speed brake uplock.
Jet Pumps  
Allen's jet pumps for fuel transfer, scavenge, engine feed and mixing are simple in design, lightweight and self-throttling. With no moving parts, they provide the ultimate in reliability and maintainability. Jet pump configurations included are multiple pump configurations, pumps containing check valves, pumps with induced port screens, and pumps with nozzles that are easily removable for cleaning without tank drainage.





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