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Metal Finishing

The Metal Finishing Division of Allen Aircraft Products, Inc. was founded in the late forties with a need for the application of a dryfilm lubricant developed by
Electrofilm Corporation. Over the course of a few years, Allen Metal Finishing became a full-service house that included anodizing, phosphating, as well as the Dryfilm lubricant.

Today, Allen Aircraft Metal Finishing is known as the premier processing house in the United States, and has been the educational foundation for many individuals who went on to start their own anodizing houses.

Over the years, the Metal Finishing Division of Allen Aircraft has processed components for the space industry, military equipment, both commercial and
military aircraft as well as commercial products such as agricultural, fire
equipment and fuel transferring components for most ships.

Building on over 50 years of tradition and experience, Allen Aircraft Metal
Finishing continues to be totally committed to quality, service and continuous

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