Allen Aircraft Products, Inc.
PO Box 1211
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Aircraft Division
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(330) 296-5532 Fax

Metal Finishing
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Allen Aircraft Products, Inc. is an industry leader in the production of
aircraft fluid system components and metal finishing processing. Founded in
1947 by Mr. Neil Mann, Allen has grown into an international supplier
supporting a wide range of commercial, military, executive and federal
aviation aircraft.

Allen is led by a management team that believes the strength of the company
lies in its ability to deliver superior products on time. Our approach is
based on innovative engineering to develop products that meet our customers' needs along with dedicated employees who offer the highest levels of quality,
service and performance. We maintain stringent international standards and
certifications to ensure quality in product design, development,
manufacturing and servicing.

Allen's products are tested to rigorous standards in a quality control
system that complies with ISO 9001:2000, AS9100, and FAR Part 21, yet is
flexible enough to encompass any additional customer program requirements.
All tests are conducted by our trained technicians and supervised by the
Allen laboratory director. Statistical process control is an integral part
of our quality system.









Allen Aircraft Products, Inc.  ●  PO Box 1211  ●  6168 Woodbine Avenue, Ravenna, Ohio 44266  ●  (330) 296-9621  ●  Fax (330) 296-5532